Article in Visão magazine, 26 de Janeiro 2012


"We are a very interactive factory. We want to have a close relationship with the client. We work with a mid-high segment, we are not a cheap factory, we understand, so that customers like her, who require high quality standards, along with a quick response, appreciate knowing where and how their creations are made", says António Oliveira, one of the directors of the company. It also highlights the "quality of our workmanship and the responsiveness of our factories to an increasing demand and fixation of the famous names in fashion in our country".

The administrator of Rodrigues&Abreu has no doubts: the Portuguese confection is far removed from that produced in Asian countries "for the better of course." And, here, even if you can 'maintain secrecy' another concern of the international brands. The truth, tell us, is that "for every 20 thousand pieces of author applied for a factory in China, come to market 200 000, long before the time and unbeatable prices. The market for counterfeit , there is very strong."

If Sonia Rykiel is 'lost in love' and Manhente decided to stay, the Belgian brand Mayerline (member of the FairWear Foundation), with stores throughout Central Europe, is a case in point: after working with this factory for nearly two decades, two years ago the new business direction decided to abandon Rodrigues&Abreu and switch production to China. "Consumers noticed the difference and hence there was a decrease in turnover. Returned with a meafault and we, of course, accepted the apology. Even the CEO of the company came to Portugal. But the most exciting is that this was a return to strength, so much so that even we are working with them as partners, a new brand", says Antonio Oliveira. Smaller in numbers, but not least, brands like Cacharel, Marithé and François Girbaud to, after some bad experiences in oriente, also chose to fix this barcelense factory. "We have a higher level in labor, continue to be competitive in price, fulfill deadlines, we are honest and certified by higher courts, as the Management System Quality. Portugal has a very high expertise. Failure us the strategy of communicating knowledge."