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We work in the area of ​​making knitted clothing for women, men and children, exclusively for the foreign market, positioning ourselves in the mid-high segment.

We have experience and are able to respond to the demands of the best European and world clothing trade groups, in the continuous search for new materials and attention to fashion trends.

Printing House

Our company develops various printing techniques using high quality products, with qualified employees who are strongly committed to always guaranteeing the best customer service.

We carry out the printing of a wide variety of products on piece, semi-finished or finished textile articles.

About Us

Rodrigues & Abreu, Lda. is a family textile company founded in 1986, with a lot of experience in the market, composed by a motivated team of 60 people.

From the beginning, the company has had two distinct production areas: assembling / manufacturing and Printing piece.

Rodrigues & Abreu Lda. has always had a strong commitment to the quality of its products and the environment sustainability. It is always ready to respond to the demands of our Clients, with openness, professionalism and quality.

We are a certified company by the Portuguese Quality Institute of since October 2000, according to the NP EN ISO 9001 (2005) standard. We maintain this distinction until today and without interruption under the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We have started the GOTS Certification process, both for finished garments and also prints; this will be the high recognition of criteria and social level throughout the supply chain.

We are also investing in the construction of new facilities, which will mean more production capacity as well as more modern and efficient equipment. We have a moving forecast for 2023.

All the construction is being along with environmental studies, respecting the existing fauna and flora and preparing a sustainable facility with the least impact on the environment and surroundings. All of our work is focused on reducing carbon and contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.


Produce high quality knitted and printed garments


To be a reference textile company, based on quality, trust and responsiveness


Competence, Quality, Honesty, Trust, Respect (towards our partners and the environment)

Markets where we operate

Why should you choose us?

Rodrigues & Abreu has an extensive experience and know-how in the textile and clothing sector. It respects the design and concept of each Client, emphasizing the values of trust, competence, seriousness, honesty that brand the company's identity.

Our Team

We have a team strongly focused on customer satisfaction, adapting the most suitable processes to sustainability and environmental protection.